OMG Look what I found in Egg!!!!!

In this video i will show you science experiments:

1) – Dinosaur growing egg Toy. It is excellent for kids dino project. Hatching dinosaur egg pets toy. Have fun watching a growing baby dinosaur break out of its own egg!
Easy to follow instructions:
1. Put the egg in a container and fill with water till water level is above egg.
2. The egg shell will slowly break after 24-48 hours, then the dinosaur will quickly come out of its shell.
3. After egg shell is broken entirely. The dinosaur will keep expanding until about 48-72 hours.
4. You can then move the growing dinosaur to a larger container to watch them grow!!
– Make sure the water temperature is below 35’C
– Make sure the container is always full of water

2) – Growing creatures are made out of a superabsorbent polymer that soaks up water. The polymer is similar to the non-toxic chemical used in baby diapers. Don’t overlook the educational value of these inexpensive toys.
This science experiment Growing you can do at home with kids, friends, brothers, sisters…

3) – These dinosaurs polymers grow in water to a huge size compared to where they start off from. Keep these frowing Growing creatures in water for a few days and watch the polymers abosorb the water and grow.
The polymer is similar to the non-toxic chemical used in baby diapers. Don’t overlook the educational value of these inexpensive toys.

4) – Clay Slime Surprise Whelpling Color Pencil | Rainbow Clay Slime Surprise!
I discovered surprise toys Whelpling in these cool oozing slime filled test tubes. Surprise ooze colors include: green, red, yellow.
Watch this fun surprise toys Whelpling Color Pencil video for kids!!!

5) – Orbeez Experiment, what Will Happen If You fry Orbeez?
I placed Orbeez in a frying pan and turned on the fire! I wanted to see what would happen because I heard they go crazy and bounce for a really long time and make a crazy noise! That’s exactly what happened! It bounces around and doesn’t melt or burn because of the Leidenfrost effect!!!
The Leidenfrost effect is a physical phenomenon. In the Leidenfrost effect, a liquid – in this case the orbeez outer surface that has water – creates a vapor of steam or gas because the hot pan vaporizes it and that layer of steam allows the Orbeez to bounce around instead of touching the pan!

6) – Slime Experiment, what Will Happen If You fry Slime? This Experiment can also be used as a fun kids science project!

I like to make various experiments. I hope you all love the video! Thank you so much for watching!

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