Minimalist Living Update: From 3000 sq ft Home to 730 sq ft Apartment | ANN LE

Hey Loves! I moved from a 3000 sq ft Home to a 730 sq ft Apartment. Yes, it’s crazy but I can’t wait to share with you my journey on how to become a minimalist and simplifying my lifestyle. After buying and having all the things I want, I realized that they don’t bring me long-term joy. Therefore, I am sharing with you my experience from being a fashion/trend hoarder to becoming a minimalist.

I have been inspired to learn how to live and practice Minimalism so that way I can maximize my time and minimize my worries and stress. How to be a minimalist is like organizing and redefining your lifestyle. Why spend all that time working extra hard for the things that will clutter your home and mind space. It’s time I make a change so that way I can free up my worries and start living again. I’m sharing with tips you can do if you want to start minimizing the clutter in your life. This is a great foundation to having a minimalist lifestyle that will allow you to enjoy life more.

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