In this video I show how to make giant lollipop pillow (or floor cushion, or pet mat)! Have no doubts – this pink strawberry lollipop will bring sweetness and brightness to your room 🙂

To make this giant candy you will need:
pink fleece (two pieces 200×25 cm each, or one piece 400×25 cm)
white fleece (60×15 cm)
ribbon (pink, red, white (2.5 cm wide)) – 8 metres each
pillow stuffing

Just few tips:
You can use any other stretchy fabric instead of fleece.
Hand wash, 30°C.
I highly recommend to use silk ribbons, because they make “lollipop” looks shiny, as real.
Don’t be too tidy with seams – you will hide them when you’ll “twist” the “lollipop” into spiral.
Of course you can sew everything and not to use a hot glue gun at all.

Experiment with colours and sizes!

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