How To Make A Giant Cupcake Bean Bag Chair – DIY Cupcake Beanbag (easy tutorial)

Easy video tutorial on how to make bean bag chair shaped like a giant cupcake. It is easy to make, easy to refill and wash; and it is super cute!

For the DIY Giant cupcake bean bag chair you will need:
plastic flexible bucket (or flexi tub) about 35 L
fleece (white if you want to make a cupcake with white frosting) – I show measurements in the video (bucket circumference +20 cm and bucket depth multiplied by three (so my piece of fleece was 150 cm by 90 cm)
bean bag chair filling about 50 L (you can find it online)
felt for “sprinkles”

What I like about this DIY project, is that this sacco chair is easy to wash and refill (just untie the bottom). Plus it’s bottom doesn’t get dirty, because it is hidden in the bucket 🙂 Awesome, isn’t it? This bean bag is light, so it can be replaced anywhere and anytime and by anybody. And it is seriously comfortable. Now it is my boyfriend’s favourite chair :)))

I wish you a good luck with this project!

Love. Create. Discover.


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