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Today I want to share unboxing my new Journal Designs and also how Journaling Changed My Life! If you aren’t part of my Creative Minds tribe, go here NOW:

Journaling has changed my life and really helped me become more clear about who I am and what defines my journey in life. When I was a child, I had a challenging relationship with my mother and sisters that uniquely shaped my journey for the years to come. After much self reflection, I had realized that I had put up an emotional block and a protective wall that closed me off to the outside world. Journaling and putting my mind on paper helped me to really self reflect, and deal with my past repressed memories, anxiety, depression and other hurdles. The creative process in just doodling and then spilling my mind allowed me to use my journal to overcome and resolve the confusion in my mind. Because of how it has changed my life, I really want to share my passion and love for journaling with you. I’ve tried many different journals and didn’t find one that was right for how I thought or how I needed to be able to get my creative juices flowing. This journal is perfect if you are new to journaling, or if you are a beginner. I will take you through a journey of how to journal and how to start journal writing.

Thanks to the feedback of my tribe, I had started to create my own journal that I will be kickstarting and am excited to share it with you! Come and join me on this journey by joining my tribe!

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