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Fall 2017 Minimalist Outfit Ideas: You can look like a minimalist but are you minimizing your closet? Minimalist fashion isn’t just black and white. You can add color and be creative with your selections. It’s about simplifying your choices and lifestyle. We’re going to be doing some fall styling. I’ve been clearing a lot of clothing from my closet. I’ve been re-exploring a lot of my capsule fashion style pieces. I kept mostly my basic and classic clothing items to style. I want to share with you how you don’t need to go out and shop for new fall trends every season. Clothing and styles are getting more and more disposable every year and to me, it’s a complete waste of valuable money that can be used to something long term. I love clothing and I’m not opposed to shopping – but to prevent more clutter, I rather make used and be creative with the things I have. I hope this video will help you re-explore your outfit options and help you make more conscious decisions toward your clothing choices.

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