In this video I show how to make pins lollipops using hot glue gun. This is the sixth of seven videos from my DIY Marathon (July 9 – July 15). New video every day – so don’t miss the next ones. 🙂

For these absolutely adorable pins you will need:
baking paper
hot glue gun
cotton swab (bud)
safety pin
lollipop image (print or draw)

Probably the main problem for many of you would be an image of lollipop. I took a photo of my lollipop pencil topper from my “10 DIY Back To School Supplies 2016” ( ). But I understand not every of you LOL had made that topper. So here are few options: print any lollipop image from the internet, take a photo of the actual edible lollipop (if you have one) or just draw it. The last option is the easiest 🙂 BUT! I would recommend to use watercolors to paint it. So draw and color it on the paper, cut and then follow all the steps from the video! 🙂

I love how glossy they are! Seriously looks like real! Even little bee thought they were real when I was filming these pins in the park. Watch the proof at the very end of the video 🙂

Good luck! And watch my next DIY project with glue gun!

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