DIY EDIBLE School Supplies {Easy}! 5 MINIATURE Edible DIYs! Cool & Weird Crafts – Miniature How To! Learn how to make miniature school supplies that you can eat!


In this DIY Easy school supplies video I show you 5 mini edible DIY School Supplies crafts. These DIY School Supplies are unique, creative, easy and maybe a bit weird. Perfect crafts to make for school that are fun and exciting. No matter if you are in middle school or high school, this DIY school supplies life hacks will be fun for kids and teenagers.

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In this school life hacks video I show you how to make a mini edible DIY school supplies. First one is edible scissors! You will for sure prank your friends and teachers when you eat your scissors. Make your own mini scissors out of gum or bubblegum. Another DIY edible school supply is a miniature eraser made with real marshmallows. These DIY edible school supply ideas are so fun, easy and cute.

A must-have for school supplies are pens and pencils. I show you mini DIY pencil life hacks in this DIY school supplies video by making a candy pencil. I show you how make a Starburst candy mini pencil totally edible. You can eat your pencils now! This is a perfect 5-minute crafts to do when you are bored. You can also make these out of Laffy Taffy candy too!

You can also make DIY miniature glue for school. In this DIY school supplies video I show you how to make a miniature bottle of Elmers glue. Super fun and cute! Fun DIY miniature craft idea. If you don’t want to make this edible you can always fill it with real glue and you will have a mini glue. I hope you enjoy this glue in this DIY school supplies video and happy that I can show you how to make amazing DIY mini glue out of a recycled bottle.

One other school supplies I show you are DIY edible crayons! I show you how to make a miniature edible crayons out of Tootsie Roll Canyd. These are so fun to make and so unique. If you want awesome edible crayons at school, this is a must-try DIY for you.

I hope you enjoy this video and you can find some things to make that you don’t need to spend a ton of money for cool school supplies. You can make some amazing and unique edible DIY school supplies. From marshmallow to candy crafts I hope you find something fun,easy and unique to make. These are cool American Girl crafts or dollhouse DIYs if you don’t want to use them for yourself!

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