Since our last vlog, Shaun went to Daxton and Paisley’s school for Kite Day, we had another HUGE hail storm, more baby ducks at our old house, Brooklyn and Bailey had their last dance team show, and Shaun & Mindy went to YouTube’s Brandcast and Creator Summit!

Something Shaun never was able to do before our YouTube career was spend time volunteering at the kids’ schools. This week, Shaun was able to attend Kite Day for at Dax and Paisley’s elementary school! Fun!

In yet another hail storm, Shaun found hail stones the size of golf balls and eggs! Also, our previous neighbor called to tell us that we had baby ducks again hatch in our old home’s back yard, and were swimming in our pool! This makes 3 years in a row! Those baby ducks were SO cute!

With Brooklyn and Bailey finishing their Junior year of high school, they also had their last drill team performance! We were able to sneak a few video clips of that for you, including a clip of a beautiful fan, Aubree, who traveled across the country to see the twins perform! So sweet!

Lastly, since Brooklyn and Bailey cannot miss any more school this semester, Shaun and Mindy flew to New York for YouTube’s Brandcast presentation which featured Kevin Hart, James Corden, Casey Neistat, and a private concert by Katy Perry! We were in the front row!

As part of Brancast, we were able to attend YouTube’s Creator Summit, where we were able to be inspired by listening to wonderful presenters like Will Smith and Riz Ahmed, as well as spend time with YouTube’s Top 120 Creators!

Here is a list of just a few of the channels we were able to hang out with… MyLifeAsEva, RCLbeauty101, CollinsKey, NataliesOutlet, iJustine, KingofRandom, LaurDIY, AlishaMarie, Blogilates, StomponLindsey, TylerOakley, JoeyGraceffa, LizaKoshy, iiSuperwomanii, WhatsInside, ChloeCouture, Bethany Mota, GameTheorists, EpicMealTime, LelePons, RosanaPansino, DevinSuperTramp, Shonduras, RyanToysReview, and many many more!

How many other YouTubers did you recognize in the video? Please comment down below, and see you next week!

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